The Ultimate Face Tightening
& Body Contouring System


Universal Ultrasound Device

Engineered to reverse signs of aging using MFU and MFCU technology, ULFIT provides non-invasive, comfortable and effective treatments. Due to high-power ultrasound waves the patient needs a minimum number of sessions. The client can see the results right after the first session.

How it works?

MFU Technology

Multi-depth Micro Focused Ultrasound

The Micro Focused Ultrasound (MFU) cartridges target multiple layers of the dermis to deliver effective lifting and tightening for the face and submental area.

MFCU Technology

Macro Focused Circular Ultrasound

The revolutionary Macro Focused Circular Ultrasound (MFCU) technology allows HIFU to be delivered continuously in a perpetual circular motion which results in faster and more effective treatments.

Transducer Technology

Ulfit is equipped with dual motor heads to produce better treatment results.

Larger Focal Width
Wider transducer yields less pain and precise distribution upon making contact.
Optional Pain Control
Users may select between “G” (General) and “P” (Pain control) modes to dramatically reduce pain levels.
Reduced Pain
The ULFIT is engineered to deliver treatments with 80% less pain.

Discover the Real Results


FAQ for Physicians

Ulfit – Indications?2021-09-28T10:35:12+09:00

Face Ulfit treatments can be performed for wrinkle reduction and regeneration of collagen. Body Ulfit treatments can be performed for fat reduction and silhouette modeling. 

What expendables do I need for a treatment?2021-09-30T11:29:43+09:00

Consumables for a treatment are Ulfit cartridges, gel as a conductor agent, sanitizer and disposal sheet.

How long do the treatment sessions last? And how many procedures does the customer need?2021-09-30T11:30:12+09:00

The approximate duration of the treatment is around 20 to 30 minutes. It can be accustomed to each customer and combined with other treatments as well.  Treatment plan completely depends on the customer’s skin and body condition, treatment can be done once a month.

When can customers expect visible results?2021-09-30T11:31:02+09:00

For facial lifting and tightening, some results can be seen immediately after treatment but optimal results can be seen over the course of 4-12 weeks post treatment. For most patients one treatment may be recommended but some patients may opt for follow-up treatments.

For body contouring and slimming procedures patients will experience some initial tightening effects but optimal results are expected over the course of 4-12 weeks post treatment. The number of sessions will vary from patient to patient depending on their personal goals.

How can ULFIT be customized for each of my patients?2021-09-30T11:49:55+09:00

Each patient will have different needs, which Ulfit makes it more than convenient to customize treatments, equipped with multi-depth cartridges for the face and body fit for multiple and specific concerns of the patient. For assuring maximum convenience during treatments, Aesthetic specialist can also adjust both energy and pain levels through ULFIT’s user-friendly GUI.

Contraindications of getting treatment from Ulfit2021-09-30T11:28:41+09:00

The ULFIT has following contraindications:

  • Pregnancy or when breastfeeding
  • Open wounds or lesions on the treatment area
  • Severe or cystic acne on the treatment area
  • Metal stents/electrical implants in the treatment area
  • Bio-absorbable mechanical implants
  • Skin infections of any type
  • Hemorrhagic disorders or dysfunctions








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