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Aesthetics & Healthcare Multi-Platform Solution

INTRASURE has widespread application in the fields of Aesthetics, Sports, Pain Management, Suboptimal Health Management, and Postpartum Recovery by acting on the superficial tissues and deep tissues simultaneously with various multi-functional and multi-depth applicators.

Various treatment effects
based on the depth of tissues.
Body Shaping by eliminating abdominal fats.
Dual-Hand Electrode
Therapeutic Massage through the hands’ delicate touch
Auto Patch
Hands-free treatment which allows dynamic movement.


Mono-polar RF is capable of being used as an effective treatment modality for obesity,
blood circulation improvement, lymphatic drainage, collagen regeneration, tissue damage recovery,
postpartum care, and musculoskeletal pain management.

CET Electrode / CET Pro
Targeted treatment areas focus on
superficial tissues located close to the electrode.

Muscle, fascia, lymph and blood vessels, etc.

RET Electrode / RET Pro
Targeted treatment areas focus on
all the deep tissues.

Ligament, tendon, joint, bone, etc.


A multifunctional hand-piece that combines the three distinctive functions of ultrasound, multipolar RF and LED
to specialize in the treatment of subcutaneous fatty tissue elimination.

Ultrasound Cavitation
To reduce subcutaneous fat, powerful ultrasonic energy at 36.5kHz is delivered into fat tissues, causing fat cells to break apart.
Multipolar RF
To promote faster metabolism and tightening of collagen fibers, thermal energy is delivered into the dermal and subcutaneous layer.
460nm Blue and 620nm Red LEDs help prevent inflammation with bactericidal effects, and stimulate collagen and elastin regeneration.

HANDCARE: Dual-Hand Electrode

Delivering radiofrequency (RF) current over the patient’s treatment areas through the operator’s hands.
Dual-Hand Electrodes provide a more delicate and relaxing treatment experience compared to CET or RET hand-pieces through the operator’s therapeutic hands touching and rubbing down the intended treatment areas.

Hands-Free Auto Patch

Auto Patch is capable of allowing hands-free operation and being used in various rehabilitation exercises through an auto-generating heat patch free of needing an operator’s hands or attached RF plates.
Auto Patch can be used for rehabilitative exercise of the arms, back, knees, or shoulders to improve blood circulation in muscle tissues and to relieve pain.


Lifting, Tightening, Anti-aging
Anti-hair loss, hair condition improvement
Visceral fat reduction
Subcutaneous fat reduction
Body contouring


Sports fatigue recovery
Sports injury recovery and recurrence prevention
Sports performance enhancement

Pain management

Pain relief
Disease prevention

Sub-health management

Basal body temperature (BBT) increase
Immune enhancement

Postpartum recovery

Stretch marks improvement
Breast lifting and firming

Smart Auto Recognition

The Smart Auto-Recognition interface detects and enables
automatic recognition to all activated applicators.

RIDM Technology

Aesthetics & Healthcare Multi-Platform Solution

Addressing the issues of operator’s fatigue and complicated procedures,
RIDM technology allows the operator to deliver convenient treatment.
The program can be set in advance based on the user’s preferences.

Dynamic Pulsation Technology

Optional selection of Low/Fast/Active Pulse functions is available to customize
treatment procedures to achieve multiple effects.

Up to 30% Intensity

Active Pulse
RET↔RET Pro / CET↔CET Pro are automatically converted in rotation at 3 seconds interval to stimulate various skin layers simultaneously to achieve multiple
Low Pulse
RF On and Off modes are automatically interchanged at 0.5 second intervals for a gentle treatment procedure.
Fast Pulse
RF output periodically alternates varying RF levels by up to +30% treatment level for a duration of 0.3 seconds.


FAQ for Physicians

How can INTRASURE benefit my practice?2022-02-25T15:12:01+09:00

As a physician, you can provide well-customized treatment plans depending on the patient group and their needs.
The procedure is performed in a safe manner and the patient can return to their daily routine right after the procedure.
Therefore, the level of customer satisfaction is quite high with good treatment outcomes. As 6 to 8 treatment sessions are recommended, patients will visit the clinic more frequently, which results in an increase in hospital revenue.

What advantages does INTRASURE have over other aesthetic procedures?2022-02-25T15:11:26+09:00

INTRASURE is a multi-platform device that allows the operator to conveniently change the treatment method according to the treatment area with a variety of hand-pieces and accessories with various indications. It is a multi-functional health care device that can treat both the outside and inside of the body with the purpose of aesthetic enhancement and inner health care. Dynamic Pulsation Technology, energy output technology and RIDM Technology programs help to improve treatment effectiveness and patient satisfaction. Up to 15 types of treatments are possible with one single device.

When will I see the results? How many treatments will I need?2022-02-25T15:10:57+09:00

Results can be seen immediately after treatment, but optimal results can be seen over the course of 4-12 weeks post treatment. The number of treatments will vary from patient to patient depending on their personal goals.

How long do INTRASURE treatments take?2022-02-25T15:10:34+09:00

Depending on the areas of treatment or purpose of the treatment, it may take 15 to 20 minutes per each face treatment and 20 to 60 minutes per each body treatment. The number of treatments required per week (minimum once a week) and the total treatment session period is planned according to the treatment purpose.

Are they any requirements before and after the treatment?2022-02-25T15:10:09+09:00

Before the treatment, it is required to remove all metal accessories due to the electric current involved during the procedure and to apply a RF lotion to increase the current rate. After the treatment, there may be residual RF lotion, so it is advised to take a shower after returning home within the same day.

Am I the right candidate?2022-02-25T15:09:45+09:00

Everyone can be a suitable candidate for INTRASURE treatment with the exception of the presence of open wounds or abnormal skin conditions involving inflammation such as acne or ulcers on the intended treatment areas.
Rehabilitation treatments can be performed for the purpose of tissue recovery and pain alleviation after at least 3 days
post initial injury on the ligaments or muscles; particularly after hemostasis (cessation of bleeding) has occurred on the injured tissue. Please refer further to the contraindications in the treatment guide for more details.

How does INTRASURE work?2022-02-25T15:08:39+09:00

INTRASURE is a multi-platform aesthetic and healthcare device. It provides CET/RET thermal treatment

using radiofrequency (RF) that can be delivered into various depths, and multiple hand-pieces equipped with ultrasound, RF, and LED (light emitting diode) that eliminate subcutaneous fatty tissue. In addition, with HANDCARE (dual-hand electrode) and Auto Patch, it is designed to implement a variety of optional features.








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