About 8000 people per day treated with Cluederm

Cluederm is


Minimum contradictions

Cluederm equipment is a cross between medicine and aesthetics. We use the most painless non-invasive technologies with zero side effects and minimum contradictions.

Clinically proven

World known technologies

By  combining various technologies such as RF, Dermoabrasion, MFCU, Electroporation, LED, Vacuum suction, and others we achieve better results in providing more efficient treatments.


Immediate result

Effective for Body Contouring, Cellulite reduction, Facial Lifting & Tightening. ClueDerm’s treatments target wrinkle reduction and Improves  skin texture/color.


Customized treatment

Aestheticians can perform various customized treatments in accordance with consumer’s requests.


Design and User-friendly interface

ClueDerm devices are an embellishment of any treatment room. ClueDerm is more than just a treatment, ClueDerm exceeds customer needs for better comfort and lifestyle.


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The Brand Story

Our mission is to exceed expectations and provide exclusive products to our consumers by being the leading provider of non-invasive face and body contouring solutions. Innovated advanced treatments designed to reverse the signs of aging and fulfill all your skin needs.

Cluederm is a subsidiary brand line of Classys Ⓒ globally recognized manufacture of aesthetic and medical devices with distributors all over the world.

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