Next level of Elegance with Refit


Body contouring and wrinkle reduction device

A painless, non invasive and relaxing treatment process that keeps customers coming back. Mild Intervention of RF waves and vacuum suction handpieces allow you to perform sessions on a regular basis once a week.

REFIT combines RF, vacuum suction and energy pulse methods in order to provide customized treatments for both face and body. This device is perfect for treating visible signs of cellulite which is called an orange peel.

Next level of
Elegance with Refit

  • Body
  • Cellulite
  • Facial Tightening
    & Rejuvenation
  • Wrinkle

RIDM Technology

Redesign Integrated Dynamic Movement

The RIDM Technology of the REFIT combines RF, vacuum suction and energy pulse methods in order to provide customized treatments for both face and body. The combination of these features provide a convenient and safe procedure process.




SAS Technology

Safe Anti-Spark

The SAS-equipped hand-pieces of REFIT ensure stable emission of RF energy into treated areas. SAS technology prevents the risk of possible complications and allows aestheticians to conduct safe and effective treatments.

Integrated Technology

How does it work?

Skin Rejuvenation & Tightening

Multi-polar RF

The RF method generates concentrated thermal energy into the dermal and subcutaneous layers which result in a faster metabolism, tighter collagen development, and improvement of the skin elasticity.

Blood Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage

Vacuum Suction

The vacuum suction approach accumulates blood circulation and drainage of fat cells through the lymphatic system. This technology enhances the delivery of RF energy into deeper layers of the skin.

Skin Circulation & Toning


The custom selection of LED wavelengths between 460nm and 640nm increases blood circulation and improves the skin tone.

Dynamic Pulsation

The pulse levels can be adjusted to fit various treatment protocols. Refit operates with minimal noise level compared to other RF devices.

Customized treatment

REFIT is equipped with 3 different hand-pieces which allows aestheticians to customize each session according with the needs of the client.

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FAQ for Physicians

Refit – Indications?2021-09-28T09:36:20+09:00

Face Refit treatments can be performed for wrinkle reduction and regeneration of collagen. Body Refit treatments can be performed for fat reduction and silhouette modeling.

What expendables do I need for a treatment?2021-09-30T11:36:36+09:00

For a treatment you need special RF lotion as a conductor agent, sanitizer and disposal sheet.

How long do the treatment sessions last? And how many procedures does the customer need?2021-09-30T11:37:44+09:00

The approximate duration of the treatment is around 30 based on the treatment area. It can be accustomed to each customer and combined with other treatments as well.  The recommended treatment plan is 8 sessions which  can be done on a weekly basis depending on the customer’s desired results.

When can customers expect visible results?2021-09-30T11:38:30+09:00

For most patients, changes can be seen immediately after receiving the treatment. However, results may vary based on the treatment time, skin type, focused areas and frequency of treatments. The number of sessions will depend on the patient’s goals and needs in line with the professional opinion of a qualified aesthetic specialist.

How does the Refit work?2021-09-30T11:42:30+09:00

The unique RIDM technology of REFIT allows users to set RF, vacuum suction and pulse energy values at 5-minute intervals. The RIDM capabilities combined with the multiple hand-pieces make it possible to conduct customized treatments that are fast, effective and convenient for both patients and Aesthetic specialist.

Contraindications of getting treatment from Refit2021-09-30T11:35:42+09:00

Refit has following contraindications:

  • Pacemaker, internal debrillator or other implanted electrical devices
  • Metal stents/ implants
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Open or infected wounds
  • Active systemic or local skin diseases that may affect wound healing








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