Reduce visual signs of cellulite

Reduce the visual signs of so-called “orange peel” by applying the patch to different parts of the body.

Shape the bodyline you desire

The high elastic fabric & hydrogel patch allows you to place the patch on multiple areas of your body to achieve the desired effect.

Achieve a smoother, more even skin texture

Designed to match the skin temperature & target the deeper layers of the skin. this patch is specially designed to firm, nourish and even out the skin texture.

Reduce while you Rest

Clinically proven to reduce the signs of cellulite.

The results that last: Get your 8 hours of intensive treatment.
FDA approved.

Why does it work?

Active Ingredients

Discover the natural ingredients we use to make our patches effective

Cellulite reduction component

Cellulite reduction
Red chili extract
Better blood circulation

Skin moisturizing ingredients granted

  • Green tea
    Maintain skin elasticity
  • Ivy
  • Bitter orange
    Add radiance and
    glow to the skin
  • Glycine betaine
    Add moisture
    to the skin

The Perfect Formula

Anti-wrinkle & soothing effects

The synergy of ingredients provides multiple benefits to the skin and is suitable for post-treatment care.

Strong Elastic Fabric
The superior adhesive quality of the fabric boosts the restoration process & prevents the skin from sagging.
Highly Enriched Hydrogel

The thicker and highly enriched hydrogel is infused with core ingredients that provide longer lasting results for healthy looking & feeling skin.

Application Process

High quality home care program for contouring your bodyline

Invisible under clothes & always discreet, the ergonomically designed patch lets you move with comfort. lightweight & breathable, the patch allows you to do everyday tasks such as go to the Gym, shopping & even date night.

Step 1

Apply the patch to your selected area, make sure the area is dry & free from any oils.

Step 2

Remove the outer film from the patch & stick the patch to the chosen area of the skin.

Abdomen : attach the patch from the lower region of the abdomen & pull the patch upwards to achieve a more contoured effect.

Step 3

Recommended time to leave the patch on the skin is from 8 to 10 hours. When removing the patch please take care and remove gently in a horizontal motion.

Begin Your Journey

Body Cellulite Control for 8 hours

Caffeine, the main ingredient of the super patch & a powerful fatty-tissue reducer, makes your skin look smoother &
younger looking by penetrating into the uneven fatty tissues.
Specific ingredients used in the patch are structured to target the deepest layers on the skin to provide you with continuous and beneficial skin nutrients.

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