Addressing the issues of operator fatigue and complicated procedures,
treatment procedures are easier to operate with the support of RIDM technology.
There is no need to alter the parameters or check the time during treatment procedures on a regular basis.

RIDM (Redesign Integrated Dynamic Movement) Technology

Assisted by RIDM Technology, 5-30 minute programs are available to be preset for users.
To provide a convenient method of treatment, programs are adjustable in 5 minute intervals, at user preference.


With the development of Safe Anti-Spark Technology,
patients and physicians are able to have extra confidence in the safety of treatment procedures.

SAS (Safe Anti-Spark) Technology

RF energy controls, SAS Technology, have been set in place to ensure
the safety and protection of the patient from possible sparking.
This commonly occurs with other similar devices utilizing RF technology,
due to unstable power levels. The Refit equipped with SAS technology allows
physicians to operate with confidence when using higher frequency levels.

Precise User Interface

The Graphical User Interface assists the user by providing a simple design,
straightforward functionality and automatic hand-piece detection,
to create a smooth experience for both patients and physicians.

User orientated.

Patient orientated.

Result orientated.

Multiple Hand-pieces

Hand-pieces are available in 3 sizes (Large, Medium and Small).