Optimized User-Focused Technology
To address a multitude of skin concerns
Uniform Spray Control Technology
The AQUAPEEL spray control knob delivers equal distribution of applied solutions at a range of 10 levels.
Addressing this concern within a developing microdermabrasion technology maximizes treatment efficiency and results.

Other Models

Other Models


Other Models


Proven Cosmetic Solution
A combination of natural extracts, Hyaluronic Acid, and a complex of Peptides complement
the patented technology, to provide the highest grade of laboriously selected and nutritious ingredients to consumers.
User Focused Smart Auto Reaction
Exclusively developed for optimal convenience, the Smart Auto-Reaction Interface detects
and prompts the necessary interface for each hand-piece automatically.
7screen motion

Step 1 Interface

PEEL+ Solution (in use)

Step 2 Interface

SEBO+ Solution (inactive)


Step 3 Interface

REJUVE+ Solution (inactive)

Vacuum Level

Adjustable from 1-10

AQUAPEEL Interface


Preset Options for Parameters & Timer



Step1 Interface
PEEL+ Solution (in use)






AQUAPEEL Interface


Step2 Interface
SEBO+ Solution (inactive)


Vacuum Level
Adjustable from 1-10


Step3 Interface
REJUVE+ Solution (inactive)


Preset Configuration
Preset Options for Parameters and Timer
Subtle &
Stable Electroporation

The precision and control of the electroporation
output comfortably delivers energy
by penetrating the skin without any irritations occurring.

Cost Efficient Treatment

Consumable solutions are distributed equally
and efficiently, ensuring reliable and long-lasting
use of the solution product.

Clinical Cases

The AQUAPURE Facial Care System performs both economical and multifunctional treatment procedures that include removing dead skin and debris, infusing antioxidants for collagen-regenerating purposes, and stimulating blood circulation for fast results.

Minor side effects, though rare, may include temporary redness or swelling caused by AQUAPEEL’s micro-abrasive peeling function, which can last from 1-2 hours to a few days following treatment. However, we believe this process as a precedent to rejuvenating the skin with non-invasive, non-ablative methods.

Because receiving the AQUAPURE treatment is equivalent to skin exercise, we recommend that patients commit to at least 3 treatment sessions within a 3-week interval to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin regimen. In addition, both medical and skincare practitioners can provide educational consultations on uplifting your new status.

No facial care treatment is without apparent pain levels. However, the AQUAPURE treatment assures patients of extremely minimal pain such as the slight sensation of irritability following this non-invasive procedure. Patients can apply makeup immediately following treatment while going about their daily routines.

Due to the meticulous time and effort that AQUAPURE’s separate functions performs in rejuvenating healthy skin, treatment times can take up to a total of 30 minutes which require no downtime for recovery. Whether it’s for restoring a healthy complexion or removing wrinkles, patients can cherish every minute and detail that the treatment performs step by step.

Prior to receiving the AQUAPURE treatment, the medical and skincare practitioner perform a thorough massage of the face which simplifies the processes of exfoliation and infusion of AQUASOLUTION’s nutrients. Following treatment, no further post-procedures are necessary. Patients can apply makeup immediately following treatment while going about their daily routines.

Following the first treatment, the AQUAPURE treatment guarantees the reverse trend of damaged or wrinkled skin into prospects for a healthier, more beautiful tone. Thus, over the course of attending multiple sessions on a consistent basis as well as managing a healthier lifestyle, patients can notice a significant benefit of results.

With four primary topical functions packed into one AQUAPURE device which services microdermabrasion, electroporation, electromagnetic stimulation, and cooling & heating capabilities, medical and skincare providers can retain a sizeable customer base with core functions on treating and educating patients for healthy skin.

Because the AQUAPURE possesses four functions to treat a considerable list of skin conditions, the treatment parameters of the device covers a diverse demographic of patients with all skin types that includes thickness and tone including age. Therefore, the AQUAPURE can fit to most medical and dermatological settings such as clinics and hospitals which can enable skincare practitioners, doctors, nurses, and clinicians to use the device around the clock.

The AQUAPURE Facial Care System can effectively treat and help patients maintain favorable skin with concerns like the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily or acne-prone skin, and hyperpigmentation. Although the AQUAPURE serves to restore an overall healthy and bright facial complexion, qualified practitioners can also adjust levels of the different functions to address specific dermatological concerns of patients.